About Rose


an evolving, regenerative perspective

We distinguish ourselves through an ingredient-driven approach, the exclusive use of flower rosin, and our collaborations with celebrated chefs and farmers.

Rose takes responsibility for every step of production. Instead of masking the plant’s flavor, we find beauty in it, exploring alluring ways to incorporate seasonal fruit that’s sourced from some of California’s most respected farmers into each recipe.

Dry-Farmed Dirty Girl Tomatoes and Sweet Crimson Watermelon from Full Belly Farm - a recipe from Chef Tara Thomas for Gossamer Delights.

Chef Joey and Chef Dania at our headquarters in San Francisco.

Our philosophy is rooted in the culinary tradition of seasonality and integrity of each ingredient. It’s a thread that runs through all the things we do as a company.

We believe quality in is quality out. Our edibles are infused with single-strain whole flower rosin to preserve the beneficial properties of the plant providing a dynamic, integrative experience.

Stagiaire Sangiovese used in Bar Part Time’s ‘Boxed Wine’ Delights.

We grow the majority of our cannabis for the production of Rose flower rosin, utilizing rare genetics sourced through exclusive partnerships.

Rose Farm, Penn Valley, CA.

Enrique Olvera's 'Mezcal Poached Pear' and 'Ponche' Delights.

Key for Enrique Olvera's summer 2019 recipes

Our product offering currently includes Delights, Flower, Capsules, and Singles, as well as a line of apparel designed for farming, Grow Clothes. 


With only heat and pressure,  our rosin extraction process produces CBD in its purest  and most potent form from our flower that grows  naturally on small, sustainable farms. Extra virgin olive  oil is used to activate the cannabinoids for its synergistic  relationship with the endocannabinoid system, as well  as its own many health properties. This process allows  us to maintain all of the flower’s naturally occurring  cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDV,  THCV, CBC, and CBL. 


A perfect introduction to Rose quality. Singles are the only flower rosin-infused edible designed for incremental dosing. Each piece contains a single milligram of THC-offering a nuanced, sessionable way to enjoy Rose Delights.

2.5-5MG THC or 10MG CBD

Rose Delights are Turkish Delight-style infused edibles using  rosin extracted from whole flower. Our house-made full-spectrum  flower rosin preserves the beneficial natural properties of the plant,  honoring the plant in its original form while providing you the best  quality experience.