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Sun-ripened ground cherries are blended with a house-made, 8 ingredient cola syrup blend of piloncillo, citrus, nutmeg, coriander, and vanilla. It’s infused with Gush Mints, an indica grown under the sun at Rose Farm and pressed into flower rosin.

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Rose Farm Ground Cherries and a house-made cola syrup.

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Ground Cherry patch at the Rose Farm in Penn Valley, CA. Rose Farm is our effort to take greater responsibility of what we produce and sell. The things we grow and experiment with here directly inspire our kitchen.

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Ground cherries are less a cherry than a tropical tomato. The idea to combine them came from our friends and ongoing collaborators Chef Enrique Olvera and Huerik Palos, who wanted to evoke the experience of a coke-bottle gummy using farm fresh produce.

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Deeply hydrating, healing, and calming to both skin and senses, our limited edition collaboration introduces 380mg of potent CBD flower rosin.

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Solid oil facial concentrate, infused with 380mg of CBD flower rosin.

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Mixed Citrus Oolong brings together local fruit and floral tea from SF’s Song Tea in two complementary flavors under one box: Bernard Ranches’ orange, grapefruit, and lemon with a hint of bergamont paired with Ruby Oolong tea boba.

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Chino Farms’ Albion + Mara De Bois Strawberries and Song Tea’s Snow Jasmine

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Nünchi Boba: Strawberry Jasmime. An edible in collaboration with Lexie Park of @eatnunchi.


Rose Singles. 1MG at a time. Available in Sativa and Indica.

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Chef Joey and Chef Dania at our headquarters in San Francisco.

Rose is the first edible company in the recreational market to exclusively use flower rosin, a solventless extract that conveys the purest expression of source plant.

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Rose Flower is sun grown in open air and cultivated using exclusively organic inputs, never any synthetic nutrients. It exists to support regenerative agricultural systems and a network of independently owned multi-generational family farms.

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