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Mixed Citrus Oolong brings together local fruit and floral tea from SF’s Song Tea in two complementary flavors under one box: Bernard Ranches’ orange, grapefruit, and lemon with a hint of bergamont paired with Ruby Oolong tea boba.

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Bernard Ranches Mixed Citrus and Song Tea’s Ruby Oolong. Squish two together or enjoy the standout flavors on their own.

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Wild foraged Candy Cap mushrooms from the Mendocino Coast with a 12 ingredient house-made root beer blend, including sarsaparilla, sassafras, birch bark, star anise, mint, vanilla, fresh ginger and lemon.

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Candy Cap Root Beer: our most recent experiment with Mushroom People

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Candy cap mushrooms are noted for their maple syrup-like essence, and paired here with another surprisingly earthy element – root beer.

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Announcing a new recipe with Andy Baraghani–Chef, food journalist, and Bon Appétit alum–that fuses classic Iranian ingredients with Northern California produce, a nod to Andy’s roots and earliest connections to flavor through home cooked meals.

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Two acids come together – tangy sumac and sweet, floral Meyer lemons. Prepared in our San Francisco kitchen.

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White Rock Ranch Meyer Lemon and Wild Heimang Sumac

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In collaboration with Chef Enrique Olvera, Green D’anjou pears from Mt. Hood Organics are poached in Koch mezcal and finished with a smokey/sweet Ancho chili powder made for us by Enrique’s team in the Pujol kitchen.

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The return of a favorite: Poached Pear by Enrique Olvera 2022.

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Our first mood state product developed specifically to improve sleep.

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Rose Singles. 1MG at a time. Available in Sativa and Indica.

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With only heat and pressure, our rosin extraction process produces CBD in its purest and most potent form from flower that grows naturally on small, organic farms. This process allows us to maintain all of the flower’s naturally occurring cannabinoids.

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Rose’s regenerative farm in California’s Sierra Foothills allows us to become better stewards of the planet while increasing the scope of our ingredients.

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Michelada inspired recipe by Enrique Olvera “Ojo Rojo”.

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Our favorite recipe from Chef Virgilio Martinez returns: Magical Grapes II. 2021 “vintage” Shinano Smile and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown by Magical Grapes, cold-steeped with muddled ginger and crushed pink peppercorn.

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Chef Joey and Chef Dania at our headquarters in San Francisco.

Rose is the first edible company in the recreational market to exclusively use flower rosin, a solventless extract that conveys the purest expression of source plant.

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Rose Flower partner Farm Moon Gazer Farms 'Koffee'

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Rose Flower partner Farm Moon Gazer Farms.

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