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Mixed Citrus Oolong brings together local fruit and floral tea from SF’s Song Tea in two complementary flavors under one box: Bernard Ranches’ orange, grapefruit, and lemon with a hint of bergamont paired with Ruby Oolong tea boba.

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Chino Farms’ Albion + Mara De Bois Strawberries and Song Tea’s Snow Jasmine

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Nünchi Boba: Strawberry Jasmime. An edible in collaboration with Lexie Park of @eatnunchi.


Our first mood state product developed specifically to improve sleep.

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Rose Singles. 1MG at a time. Available in Sativa and Indica.

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Chef Joey and Chef Dania at our headquarters in San Francisco.

Rose is the first edible company in the recreational market to exclusively use flower rosin, a solventless extract that conveys the purest expression of source plant.

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Rose Flower is sun grown in open air and cultivated using exclusively organic inputs, never any synthetic nutrients. It exists to support regenerative agricultural systems and a network of independently owned multi-generational family farms.

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