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  • What is THC?

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) refers to the primary chemical compound responsible for cannabis’ euphoric effects. THC is one of many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, produced by the cannabis plant that bind to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. A majority of cannabis strains are THC dominant, meaning THC is the most abundant cannabinoid. THC-dominant cannabis typically contains anywhere from 10–30% THC. Although many factors contribute to the potency of cannabis, generally a higher THC percentage correlates with a more intense high.

  • What is flower rosin?

    Rosin is an unprocessed and pure, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract mechanically pressed from the whole cannabis flower. The process is as pure and simple as placing the cannabis flower between two metal plates on a hydraulic press. The two plates lightly heat the flower and press down to squeeze a cannabinoid and terpene rich extract called “flower rosin” from the buds of the plant. Our rosin is pressed in our kitchen in San Francisco.

  • Who creates the recipes for seasonal Delights?

    Seasonal Delights are collaboration between Rose and other chefs and/or creatives from around the world. Each seasonal recipe is cooked in the Rose kitchen by chef Joey Rachel and his team. Our latest recipes were created by Enrique Olvera, Dominique Crenn, Lexie Park, and Virgilio Martinez.

  • What will Delights make me feel?

    This will vary from person to person and therefore we refrain from making claims about how your body will react to the plant compounds contained in each of the Delights recipes.

  • How long will the effects last?

    Between 1–4 hours.

  • What Rose Delights are best for sleep?

    We’d suggest recipes that are infused with indica-dominant strains and/or those that contain some amount of CBD. Our Deep Sleep Delights are specifically formulated for restful sleep, infused with rosin pressed from 28 phenotypes of a Biovortex Holy Tonic strain that captures a wide expression of the plant’s cannabinoids. 

  • Anything I should avoid?

    Avoid eating more than two servings at once until you understand how your body will react to the THC contained in each recipe.

  • How long can I keep Delights?

    We recommend consuming Delights within one year. Store at room temperature. Refrigeration will change their texture and how they age over time.

Orders & Returns

  • What’s Rose’s return policy?

    We’re happy to accept returns or offer exchanges to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Please email for assistance.