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About Rose

Flower Rosin

Why Flower Rosin

Rosin is unprocessed and pure, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract mechanically pressed from the whole flower.

A delicate process that’s done by hand in-house on a hydraulic press using below-volatilization heat and pressure to preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial chemical compounds natural to the plant. 

We favor unprocessed, unrefined flower that is organically grown for the same reason we source the highest quality produce - for the nuances in flavor and the medicinal benefits of using whole foods and plants.

Most edibles are a mass-produced mix of leftover trim refined into a concentrate or extract using chemical solvents. We prefer our edibles to taste like what they are: a single strain flower grown at the Rose farm.

We squeeze concentrate from this flower to create rosin which is a resinous imprint of the plant preserved at its peak potency.

Rose is the first edible company in the recreational market to exclusively use flower rosin, a solventless extract that conveys the purest expression of the source plant. This results in clearer and stronger effects, enhanced therapeutic properties, and a true representation of the flower’s flavor.