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Chef Virgilio Martinez Magical Grapes




Shinano Smile Magical Grapes infused with 10 mg of Sour Space Candy First-Press CBD Flower Rosin from Hudson Hemp. Limited Edition 0f 1200 boxes

Chef Dominique’s first curated chef: Virgilio Martínez Véliz of Centrale Restaurant in Lima, Peru created a gorgeous flavor combining a grape juice we’d made from our friends Seiji & Chiho Morimoto’s Shinano Smile Japanese grapes with cold-infused muddled ginger and crushed pink peppercorn. The flavor is the perfect balance of spicy and juicy, with the spices really highlighting the fragrance of the Shinano Smile grapes. The box’s design is inspired by Seiji & Chiho’s love of tie-dye and their family-run farm, Magical Grapes.

Our Magical Grape juice yielded enough for only 1200 boxes. So get them while you can!

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