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We recently unearthed the last 20 copies of this book we wrote in 2013. 100% of the proceeds from sales will go to Parker Coleman (via @40tonsbrand) who is serving 60 years for a non-violent cannabis related offense. 

Foreword by Claire Cichy. Photography by Jaime Beechum. Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

Trees recounts an actual, unedited, single text conversation between two weed traffickers in Northern California doing their best to make deals happen over the course of a harvest season. The abbreviated language and fractured dialog might sometimes leave you scratching your head, but this cryptic weedspeak will also surprise you with the familiarity of its repetition and workaday tone. Whether you're willing to accept it or not, this is a world to which we all can relate. The characters practically function like two deliverymen or civic employees and Trees offers a portrait of their daily grind. It's the discussion of big plans alongside looming fears and paranoia. It's fucked-up timetables and devastating missed connections. It's real life getting in the way of business and tough decisions about personal priorities. Ultimately, these characters want what all people want: security, success, friendship, loyalty, love.