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Brad Leone's Chokeberry Yuzu Peppercorn

In the style of a sativa, formulated to help you get up and go get ‘em.

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Developed in collaboration with Brad Leone, Chokeberry Yuzu Peppercorn features the dark, tannic, superfood flavor of antioxidant-rich chokeberries. Sometimes referred to as Aronia berries, Brad grows them in his east-coast backyard. Pureed with aromatic green yuzu juice and zest from Pearson Ranch, and bolstered with Space Pepper, green peppercorn from Mill Pepper, they’re a balanced, citrus-scented Delight with a sparkly finish.  

Brad has a high THC tolerance, so we made a deal to release our first, and perhaps our only, 10 MG dose for more experienced cannabis users like him. Proceed with caution: this is a black diamond-level dose for experts only. We still recommend 2 MG version for those new to Delights, or for “your everyday cruiser" (Brad’s words, not ours).

2 MG THC: 20 Delights per box, 40MG total 

10 MG THC: 20 Delights per box, 200MG total 


Pearson Ranch, Space Pepper, Sisters of Anarchy

In the style of a sativa, formulated to help you get up and go get ‘em. We love these in 2 MG for a giggly gathering with close friends or to recover from a workout. At 10MG, expect a very strong, long-lasting mental and body high. Please note these effects are intended, not guaranteed, and will vary from person to person. The last step of unlocking a mood state is pairing it with your own biology.  

water, tapioca syrup, cane sugar, aronia berry, non-gmo potato starch, MCT coconut oil, hemp-derived THC extract, hemp flower rosin, non-gmo citric acid, yuzu, kosher salt, peppercorns coating: tapioca starch, powdered sugar, yuzu zest, peppercorn

This product contains naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBL, CBDA, CBG, CBC, THCV, THCP, and/or CBDV derived from hemp plants that contain <0.3% THC.

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